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The World Conference on TVET (WoCTVET) is one of the official programs for the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education (FPTV) at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). This conference is held every two years, beginning in 2008. Up until 2022, a total of eight events have been successfully held. Table 1 displays the details of the locations and the number of manuscripts obtained from the first year to the eighth year of organizing the conference.

For the 2024 event, FPTV plans to collaborate with the Malaysia Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (MyRIVET) to organize the 9th World Conference on TVET 2024 (WoCTVET 2024). The proposed format for the 9th WoCTVET 2024 is hybrid, with face-to-face sessions on the first and second days, followed by online sessions on the third day.


The objectives of this conference are to:
•    foster cooperation and goodwill among international scientific experts and researchers to catalyse and advance scientific knowledge about Technical Education and Vocational Training (TVET).
•    Attract education leaders, scientists, educators, and policymakers to jointly promote and increase cooperation to deal with regional and national responses more effectively.
•    Provide an opportunity for TVET researchers, policymakers, educators, and the community to discuss and find creative solutions to unsolved challenges in the research and implementation of TVET policies and programs.
•    Increase global awareness of the importance of the TVET field, especially teacher education, and encourage effective action against the trend of TVET development around the world.
•    Provide a platform for discussion, dissemination, and sharing of contemporary research as well as scientific knowledge and information in the field of TVET, especially in teacher education, to demonstrate that UTHM also appreciates the important contribution of teachers to TVET education and development.

Conference Theme

Sustainable Social and Economic
Development through TVET

Sub Theme



Engineering Education Integration: Incorporating engineering principles, practical skills, and industry-relevant knowledge into TVET curriculum under Curriculum & Instruction and Teacher Education and Curriculum Development.

Economic Impact of Innovation: Highlighting the role of technological innovation in driving economic growth and competitiveness within TVET programs, emphasizing Innovation & Educational Technology and Technology and Innovation.



Engineering Management and Leadership: Offering courses and training in engineering management and leadership skills to prepare students for leadership roles within technical industries, aligning with Management & Leadership.

Economic Opportunities and Career Development: Providing guidance and resources to students on pursuing careers in engineering fields that contribute to economic development, tying into Job and Career Development.


Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Focusing on engineering practices and technologies that promote environmental sustainability and green initiatives within Green Technology and Sustainable TVET.

Economic Viability of Sustainable Practices: Emphasizing the economic benefits of adopting sustainable technologies and practices in the workforce, aligning with Future Workforce.


Evaluating Economic Impact: Incorporating assessment and evaluation methods to measure the economic impact of engineering education and training programs, ensuring they contribute effectively to economic development.



Ethical Engineering Education: Integrating discussions on the ethical responsibilities of engineers and their impact on society within Philosophy and Values in Education.

Equitable Access to Economic Opportunities: Addressing gender equality and inequality in engineering education and the workforce to ensure equal access to economic opportunities for all individuals, tied into Gender equality & inequality.

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